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Standard Protocols for Chemical Synthesis of Glycan Core-Amino Acids *

Goals: The project supported by National Institute of General Medical Sciences (U01GM116263) aims to develop facile core synthesis-enzymatic extension strategy to access diverse O-glycans and O-glycopeptides. Convergent synthetic routes were developed to access milligram to gram scales of O-Glycan Core structures linked with Ser or THr, including O-GalNAc Core 1-8, O-Mannosyl Core m1, m2, etc. Standard operation procedure (SOP) were generated and listed. 

O-GalNAc Core
O-Man Core
O-Fuc Core
Coming soon......
For enzymatic extension of the Cores to generate diverse O-glycans, please refer:
  • Shuaishui Wang, Qing Zhang, et al. Facile Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of O‐Mannosyl Glycans. Angew Chem Int Ed, 2018, 57, 9187-9552.
  • Abhishek Santra, Yanhong Li, et al. Regioselective One-Pot Multienzyme (OPME) Chemoenzymatic Strategies for Systematic Synthesis of Sialyl Core 2 Glycans. ACS Catal, 2019, 9, 211-215.
  • Shuaishuai Wang, Congcong Chen, et al. Chemoenzymatic Modular Assembly of O-GalNAc Glycans. Nat Commun, 2021,12,3573.
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